Dumb: The Story of Big Brother Magazine


Seasons come and go and with them comes great times and bad times. But this isn’t any time for a deeply emotional talk. Big Brother Magazine is a now defunct magazine that puts Jenkem Mag to shame. So raunchy and gross it is no wonder it’s left a big mark. Big Brother magazine showed nudity and content that no other skate magazine was doing at the time (shout out to Goodworth & Co for the Thrasher Ads!). They began out of the World Industries camp to advertise their way; soon the ‘zine became an original magazine (after a rocky start with a free first issue). They proceeded to produce videos and eventually got bought by Larry Flynt (you may know him as the owner of Hustler). In the process spawning the Jackass crew and starting their stardom.
While this documentary is available online to stream on Hulu, it is an interesting watch, just don’t do it with your parents or any young children (it’s what they would want).


There will be mostly talking, dicks, poop, and the occasional breasts. Great content and the occasional need to vomit is more than expected.

Written by Julio Reyes

Instagram: @gnartothewall

Snapchat: ReyJul

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