Skate-Trips with Brian


Over the years I have traveled quite a bit with my skateboard, and in this article, I will explicate everything I know, that helped me over the years to get arranged before the trip starts.
The post is split it into several sections considering there are quite some differences in traveling via train or car.



1st; a skateboard magazine of your choice, in days like these where you can get all of your news and knowledge off of the internet, it is sometimes better to relax while you’re traveling, simply flipping through pages of skateboard photos, while not having random notifications pop up.
2nd; this should be self-evident, though people tend to forget it; skateboard-tools in case you need to do some work on your beloved asphalt surfboard.
3rd; spare parts. Decks, bolts, nuts, and bearings. Another no-brainer, just picture how it would feel if you went to a cool spot and a bearing gave up on you.
4th; Batteries. From power banks that keep your camera and smartphone full of life, all the way to double-A batteries for your  GameBoy. Running out of the most precious of juice can hurt mentally and will make you feel as if you’ve also moved in time.
5th; Something to drink in small, convenient bottles. It doesn’t matter how you travel, it’s always easier to just pull out a small bottle of water rather than a full gallon of orange juice.

Tours with your car
Car Trnk
1st; a decent playlist for your ride, or a good stack of music CDs. I recommend creating the perfect playlist for your trip. Don’t take the time to create a five-hour playlist for a two-hour ride.
2nd; plan the route you take and to schedule your breaks. I am a chaotic organized person, but when it comes to stuff like that, I have a plan, and I strictly try to stick to it.
3rd; a spare wheel! Reasons should be obvious. Preferably a full sized one, otherwise your road trip might be over before it truly started.
4th; don’t bury your boards underneath the suitcases. Have them ready for you to grab. That way, if you view a spot, you can take your board, shred a quick session, and continue with your journey.
5th; keep a not too emotional conversation going. It prevents everyone from falling asleep better than coffee or some energy drink. Please bear in mind that I said: “not too emotional.” Unmistakably if you’re about to lose your shit and you’re driving, it alters the way you drive and can have harmful effects on every passenger’s safety.

Traveling via Train
Earlier this year, I went to the Netherlands with a train. It was an excellent trip and below you can watch some of it! It was my first time traveling on a train, but it shares a lot with going with a bus. Either way, you decide, this section applies on both.

                 Skate and Swear Netherlands Trip (Random Clips)               

1st; only take essential things with you! You don’t want to carry unnecessary items because, after a long journey, you’ll have to recover your arm and shoulders.
2nd; find a safe method to transport your wooden toy. Either do it like me and strap it onto your suitcase or use one that is big enough, so your board fits inside.
3rd; if you don’t feel like talking to strangers make sure to have your favorite albums and playlists selected on your phone (or mp3-player if you’re old-school).
4th; don’t do unfinished work while traveling to pass the time. It will just make your brain feel exhausted after you reach your destination. (Even more so than it already would be)
5th; do everything not to fall asleep. Aside from the fact, that I can’t sleep while traveling anyways, you don’t want to fall asleep and then miss the station where you’re supposed to leave the train.

Now that you know how to travel as a skater, you are ready to kick summers butt with the road trip of your life. 
Safe travels, have fun and use condoms.


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