Hammered Review: The Flare

Disclaimer: Skatepunk does not promote the use of alcohol but… If you know your limits and environment and of age make smart choices

Lakai presents: The Flare
When I heard of this video, I got hyped. Fully Flared is a magnificent piece of work so good that most of the riders left to big name brand (side note: Lucas Puig you short wearing mother fucker, good job on the latest shoe). So, in the name of skateboarding and punks (pun intended), I decided to purchase a digital copy. But, just off work and in the mood for a few beers I decided to watch the video… This is the (hopefully spoiler-free review).

I want to start off by having a moment of silence for all the camera equipment lost during the filming of this video and how great the montage of it was. The video has you feeling good, with footage from guys like Vincent Alvarez, Yonnie Cruz, Sebo Walker, Stevie Perez and Riley Hawk you want to go hard and push until you reach Mach 10 on your board. For those of you wondering, yes there is Rick Howard and Mike Caroll, and there is Tony Hawk footage, sadly Tony follows Riley, and holy shit does he kill it.
The video does feature the Crailtap special effects but, I’m honestly a fan, and they aren’t a primary focus, and most feel relatively quick. Needless to say, if Manchild’s presence and excitement don’t hype you up, not much can.

Overall, the video is a solid


(at least under the influence). Dudes went hard, and now I’m looking for a pair of Lakai’s to buy!


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