The Spirit of Skateboarding

Waking up in the morning feeling every bone and muscle in your body hurt. You get yourself a cup of coffee maybe have breakfast while getting your daily dose of skateboarding videos. As you’re halfway through a clip, you receive a message from Mike: ‘Skating later? Blue Park 4pm’ pops up on your screen, slightly interrupting your viewing pleasure as you touch the message to answer with a mere ‘Sure.’ 

You get up to take your scheduled morning dump at 10am sharp. As you slowly try to stand up straight, you feel like your legs are attempting to tell you that they need a break from skating. Ignoring their report you proceed your morning routine.  Maybe brush your teeth, perhaps smoke a cig, possibly check out Pornhub.

It’s 1.00pm, you’re on your sofa, wearing stained sweatpants and a shirt while playing ‘Skate 3’ on your Xbox 360. As time flies faster than it should, Mike is calling you. ‘Bro where you at?!’ a quick investigation on your watch informs you that it’s already 4.46pm. ‘On my way’ you answer as you end the call. Approximately 5 minutes later you managed to jump into your skate shoes and get ready for the session.


5.32pm. You arrive at the skate park immediately find your crew as you do a warm-up game of S.K.A.T.E. Hyped that the homies got some bangers you slowly start to develop a pain resistance while rolling. ‘Should I hit something big or something tech?’ is what you currently ask yourself.

7pm and another spot. You are fortunate that you kept it technical in the park because now you’re hitting the big gap. You know which one I’m talking about. The one that you always pictured yourself kickflipping. ‘TODAY IS MY DAY!’ you tell yourself and the homies.  A few attempts later, your hands are bleeding, your back is hurting, and each ankle is vibrating. As you’re heading back to the roll-up, sweat drops off your forehead onto the asphalt. Little do you know that this is your final try and you’re about to land it and roll away. Mike is losing his shit yelling ‘FUCK YEAH’ while the filmer tries to stay quiet and checks the footage.

It’s dark, you’ve had a drink or two, and you just got back home. It’s 2am. Though you have to wake up in less than 5 hours for work, you couldn’t be happier as you watch your bangers from earlier on your phone which has roughly 5% of battery left.

Stepping out of the shower, you start to feel every muscle, every scar, every bone. As you limp towards your bed, you’re trying to gather your thoughts and seek to comprehend all the crazy things that have happened today.

6.30am. Your alarm is going apeshit. You try to reach it, but everything hurts so much that it takes way more effort and pain endurance than it should. You currently hate everything you see. Your body feels like trash, and you don’t know when it’s getting any better. Deep down you know the wonderful cause of your current pain. You commence smiling trying to think of it. Your thoughts solely revolve around skateboarding, and you can’t wait to step on your deck again.

And that my friends, is the spirit of skateboarding.



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