Review: Street Plant Street Axe

Maybe it is for nostalgia’s sake, or because you want to try out something new, the ‘Street Plant Street Axe’ deck is an eye-catching board that will get people talking. This 9″ boat has the classic skateboarding ‘fishtail’-resemblance and will recall you of the days when skateboarding wasn’t on the Disney channel but stereotypically something for people with mohawks.

The Shape

The tail generally feels ideal for all sorts of tricks. It’s wide, edgy, and not too flat. The Nose, on the other hand, is pointy and if you only skated popsicles before, it will take you some time to get used to. Don’t worry, if I managed to kickflip it with minimal effort, you could do that too!

The Graphics


The deck is entirely blue and has a big ‘Street Plant’ logo in the centre of it. The graphic is screen printed, which means better slide-ability due to the thickness of it.


I don’t jump big gaps or stair sets, but I can assure you, that this deck is robust! However, I’ve had one major problem with it. As it has that pointy nose, you have to be concerned not to let your board shoot into a wall because it’s prone to chip if the deck is a bit shredded.


For the fair price, the point that it is considerably durable, greatly shaped, and cool looking, I think it would be safe to state for this review, that this ‘Street Plant Street Axe’ deck is a recommendation.


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