Why You Should Try Different Shapes

Skateboarding is all about individuality, character, and attitude. Why are most skaters riding the same shape then? Let’s take a look at brands like ‘Street Plant’ or ‘Welcome Skateboards.’ Besides your regular popsicle shaped decks, these two brands additionally offer a great variety of shapes and unique designs. I got my first “differently shaped” board in June of 2015, it was the ‘Welcome Banshee 90’ deck. The reason why I bought it,  was that I just got tired of riding the same shape and width for eight years. Trying out this unconventional skateboard, was one of the best decisions I could’ve made as I realized that I prefer broad and edgy tails and that the established popsicle shape might not be the ideal board for everyone! I highly encourage you to try something new and maybe, just maybe, you might feel like me and realize that you can breathe some fresh wind into your skateboarding life.


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