Who to Follow? Sierra.

Less than two years have passed since I first heard about Sierra Prescott. Back then, it was Mike Vallely whose Instagram account lead me to Sierra. A signature board design in collaboration with Street Plant was, what these posts were about. As time has passed, many pictures were posted, and I continued to be a so-called “Follower.” Now, almost two years later, it’s safe to say for me that Sierra’s Instagram is my favorite account on the platform.

The positive vibes, the happiness and ultimately the fun perfectly comes through in every skateboarding image uploaded. You won’t find 360 flips down 13 stairs nor crazy technical combos. If you desire to view those things, you’ll have an easy time finding it on social media. Personally, I don’t like most of the “super-crazy-mind-blowingly-stunning-beyond-comprehension”-skateboarding clips. Why? There is too much of it, you see it way too often, that doesn’t excite me anymore.

Sierra’s posts prove that skateboarding can be rad without the crazy tricks, as long as you keep in mind that it’s merely about pure fun! No contest, no competition. Her posts are the ideal representation of what skateboarding really is. It’s joyfully goofing on a plank with wheels.


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