Why We Skate (and Can’t Stop)

When skating, all you can think about is your next trick, and everything you say seems to come out slightly humourful instead of earnest. Once you feel bad, or go through a severe stage in your life, a lot of us feel like going out and start skating. Free our mind, get an adrenaline rush, or just enjoy the beautiful time our skateboard provides.

Sometimes, I urge to question why we (as die-hard-skaters) undividedly orbit around anything skateboarding related. Almost like a drug, like an addiction. Once we’ve tried it and learned to express ourselves on it, we can’t imagine a life without it. Maybe you’ve skated for so long; you don’t even think about it anymore. The bare reason you visit the skatepark is a combination of nostalgia and a habit. It’s Sunday, and you don’t have to work (or go to school)? You grab your board and go skating. Does this sound recognizable? If yes, I feel the same way, and I’m sure many do, too.

Other times, the circumstances in your mind seem like the polar opposite. You don’t feel like skating, yet you still go out, with your wood-toy, and do your flippy magic. Often I find myself doing just that, and halfway through a session, I feel like a child that doesn’t want to leave the spot or the skatepark anymore.

You start to view the world uniquely. Stairs aren’t stairs anymore; you imagine someone running up and kickflipping them. That one bench at the bus station? I bet you’ve pictured someone crooked grind it.

Maybe that is the reason why we keep skating and can’t stop. We don’t want to settle; we want to unleash that child in our minds now and then. Maybe some of you skate because they are afraid of growing up? Perhaps we all have serious mental issues? Or, I’m just questioning something where the answer is as simple as one word.

Fun. That’s what humans want regardless of their age, problems, mood, origin, job, and further interests. That is also what we try to experience, when going out with our planks on wheels, repeatedly. We want to have a good time, enjoy the special moments with friends, meet great personalities and ultimately to forget about anything else in life for a brief interval of the day.


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