Songs to Heat up the Session

When skating, some songs might be suited for the type of session you currently jam, or the way you view skateboarding. There are the right artists and genres for everyone, every time and every taste. As music is quite emotional and can affect our behavior, I believe that we should have a selection of songs for all kinds of sessions. Maybe you plan on learning a new trick and just can’t get it, or you’re merely skating in a parking lot with friends, doing slappy grinds and low effort tricks. Followingly, I have listed three different types of songs. They may not be for everyone, but I recommend giving it a try, next time you’re out there shredding.

Hatebreed – In Ashes They Shall Reap

Born to bleed
fighting to succeed
built to endure
what this world throws at me

If you close your eyes and just let the first 30 seconds of the song into your mind, it gets you in the right mood. Hearing this song for the first time, made me feel motivated, empowered, stronger. Almost as if I’ve just had an adrenaline rush. To this day, when I am struggling with a mental barrier, may it be in skateboarding or in „real life,“ I put this song on replay, let it blast into my ears, shut my eyelids and let the emotions lead me.

Now the fear we all once held is a breath we must attain

This is another compelling quote from the song, as it reflects a struggle we all have to face sooner or later. Again and again.

Motörhead – Til the End

A rather untypical song for the hard tone of Motörhead. Slow, powerful, calming, and an epic guitar solo. I love to listen to it when skating. It makes you think, about what you’ve gone through today. When hearing this, I always feel like I want to skate forever. Not go crazy, but to make the best out of the day. A day that shall never end, a day that shall be memorable.

There ain’t no rules to follow
you can’t predict tomorrow
I know just who my friends are
the rest can turn to stone

Suicidal Tendencies – One Finger Salute

The perfect song to play when you’re battling a trick for a while and feel like you just can’t get it.

Stick your finger in the air, wave it like you just don’t care
Battle on another day, give’em hell another way
Hurry up don’t you wait, prepare to take on all their hate
Rise on up you got to climb, seize the moment, cause it’s our time

That’s what I do! I show the obstacle that I’m battling my middle finger; my board gets to see it too, then I stick my finger in the air, hold it, and try again.

Stand tall and hold your head high
Raise your fist with your middle finger to the sky
We won’t back down you cannot dispute
We stand contempt. One finger salute.“


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