Age Doesn’t Matter

Frequent uploads on YouTube-Channels seems like a necessity for every big content creator. That’s why I highly appreciate the small channels, ran by people that attempt their best to keep a constant upload rate while consolidating that with their private life and a job. The person, I am about to present to you, is a passionate skateboarder who is sharing his progress of trying to (re-)learn how to skate at the age of 38.

Backonthewheelsx79 is his username on Google’s video platform. Earlier, I went through some of his old video, including his first one and was astounded by his progress since. Just check out that freaking boardslide!!!

Frequently, I meet people that say “I used to skate,” and if I ask why they stopped, mostly the answer will be “I got older and got a job, that’s life.” I highly disagree. Your age and your job shouldn’t prevent you from whatever you state it would. I skate since ten years and have no plans on quitting (maybe that’s why I’m single). I assume, if I had a major accident that would make me physically unable to skate, I would still hang out at skateparks, maybe get into photography. Nonetheless, I would surround myself with what I love, what defined me in my youth and made me the person that I am. Skateboarding.

Though the paragraph above is more about my personal thoughts on people, this post is not. I want to put the mentioned Backonthewheelsx79 in the spotlight here. To watch his videos make me happy, to see that age indeed is just a number and fun is not relative to how old you are. As of now (23rd of October, 2017) he has 91 subscribers on YouTube and an overall of 11,816 views.

Ironically there are more and more channels of people his age (re-)starting to skate. His videos are excellent regarding authenticity, editing, and delivering the fun through a screen.

Additionally, there is one more video of him embedded down below. Why I chose this video in particular? It makes you smile, it’s entertaining, well edited, has a theme going, and shows his immense board control he was able to pick up quite fast.



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