Content for the Thinking Skateboarder

Are you a skateboard-nerd trying to learn all about our history and subculture? Then, I found the right place to be! It’s YouTube! Not because of some generic vlog where 90% is talking, and the other 10% may be somewhat skateboarding related, no, I am talking about “Rad Rat Video.” He already has a lot of content on his channel, and he publishes new videos three times a week! He’s growing really fast (20k subscribers as of 30th October 2017) thanks to his outstanding videos.

I wouldn’t necessarily refer to myself as a skateboard genius, but I would nevertheless say, I know quite a bit about its marketing and history. Additionally, I grasp all the cultural things that I happened to adapt to within the past decade of my life. However, I still learn quite a lot about skateboarding, with each upload from “Rad Rat Video.” His researches are legit (doesn’t rely on only one source) and when viewing his clips, you really feel the amount of time and passion that went into the making of them.

Overall an excellent channel that I highly recommend for old and young (no swearing). Each video is significantly edited, researched, and proof-checked. Furthermore, he’s close to his community with his series “Ask RadRat.”

How he describes himself: Rad Rat Video is for the thinking skateboarder. Watch reviews of skateboarding video games, analysis of skateboarding topics, news, and other features. Learn about interesting episodes in skateboarding’s history, and be ready for the future with the Shred School. Learn street, freestyle, and transition tricks and take your game to the next level. Join me here every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for fresh content! 


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