BAKU: Horde II

By now you should be aware that skateboarding has evolved to include and make more things acceptable. For example, I ride a 9”+ board and have the chance to skate hollow trucks that size and attempt (and always fail) to jump off of something and throw in a slappy. Ledges, rails, coping, stairs, curbs are okay but never forget about the barrier.

Specializing in Barriers (duh, and ski masks), Barrier Kult skates different kinds of roadblocks and barriers, anything that pretty much takes to straight to vert. While a niche they provide great content. Their latest video features barriers and scenes from B-rate horror films and a killer soundtrack. At a few minutes under 30, this video packs excellent content.

Apart from the barriers, we get some homie footage of vert skating, pool skating, some street, and there’s McCrank footage. They get surprisingly tech, and it’s pretty gnarly. Especially considering the big shaped or noseless boards, these guys skate on. Because it’s a smaller video I don’t want to give out any tricks but, I will say that Deerman of the Darkwoods has the last part and it just blows your mind.

I give this video an 8/10. As a fan of the work BAKU puts out, the gnar of Deerman I am biased but, it’s not that hard to get into. If you like heavier music this might get your interest, it might be up your alley if you want to check out some different type of skating.


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