The Letter

The presence of skateboarding is enormous, and it’s only about to get bigger by the implementation of it in the Olympics. Almost everyone will encounter skateboarding sooner or later, may it be on the streets or media. But what if this wasn’t the case?

Imagine a parallel universe, where skateboarding never was invented. Someone from that world wrote you a letter (or an intergalactic eMail). In this message, they asked you to explain and share some insides. What would you say?

My Letter

Some people consider skateboarding a sport, few would say it’s a waste of time, and skaters consider it their lifestyle. Hypocritical standards are widely spread, wanting to be accepted all around, yet if someone without a skateboard goes to “their” skatepark, he won’t be accepted there either. Other than that, I have to admit that I love the community.

You’ll be accepted as long as you skate and are not an asshole. For explaining purposes, I will not get into the “internet skateboard community” because on there, it seems that there are more assholes than reasonable people.

If you’re struggling, a skater-friend is the best person to have, knowing how it is to fail, understanding how to deal with frustration and physical pain. Skateboarders are creative thinkers that use their environment to express art through their board. Once you chose your setup and put it together, you may not know what to do. The first steps are slow and painful, but once you get to the point from where you free your thoughts onto concrete, you’ll start to feel a type of joy that will stick with you for the rest of your life.
Skateboarding is not for everyone, though like with several instruments, everyone should give it a try, it won’t break your bank, and can majorly impact the rest of your life.

The Problem

As I stated earlier, feeble-minded things are going on. But I assume this isn’t necessarily restricted to the skating community; it’s just the society we live in; People want to complain, people want to be unhappy at some points in their life, and I believe that, to a certain extent, is healthy. However, if the same people stating the things that are bad in their life did something about it, there would be less negativity to spread. When it comes to the activity of skateboarding, you won’t find this negative mental state.

Everybody is attempting something new, over and over, hoping to get it on their next try. Sooner or later, they’ll get it and skaters know that. That’s why they keep trying. Generally speaking, if people stopped to think if their hopes and dreams would come true, and instead, questioned the when; motivation would be more encouraging, more things would be achieved.
Everything is temporary. Life and all the things within.

Everybody wants to laugh
Ah, but nobody wants to cry
Everybody wants to go to heaven
But nobody wants to die
Everybody wanna hear the truth
But yet, everybody wants to tell a lie
Everybody wanna know the reason
Without even asking why
You know everybody wanna go to heaven
But nobody wants to die” – Albert King

 Brian L. Scheuermann – 12/2017

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