The Evisen Video


Something that makes SkatePunk unique is the people involved. We have a great team that is global. We’re not just from a country focussed on the skateboarding. This is why I’m inspired to review this video.

Evisen is a Japanese skateboarding company that has recently dropped a skate video, this video embodies a different type of skateboarding, hauling as and responding tricks even faster. The team does not jump off a 20 stair or does super technical maneuvers, but it does skate different spots with a twist of its own. This is the best way to describe this skating. It even has a chance to look at the world through a different lens and skate something outside of a curb. Overall this video is a fun one-to-one with pretty gorgeous visuals and a mind-blowing line or five. That’s why I give this video an 8/10.

written by Julio Reyes 12/2017

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