The Flat Earth Review

Flat Earth kinda dropped out of nowhere. Ty Evans had his Nine Club Interview. This video is not for those who prefer raw videos or detest special effects. It relies heavily on special effects, quick editing, high definition cameras, and multiple angles.

The headlines are Foy and Iqui, these are skaters that have recently got traction and recognition for how they can be. In fact, Foy went pro and won SOTY in the same year! This is not to say that everyone else is not great. For instance, Webb used to be the kid that was in Nyjah’s shadow but has gotten on Pizza and dropped some solid footage himself. Overall the line up is filled with heavy hitters, and the tech of their tricks is seconded by the cameras. 

With that being said, Flat Earth is less of a skate video and more of an art project. The footage itself loses focus on the skating at hand and more on the capabilities. This video pushes the envelope of technology and demonstrates how it can be applied to action sports. It’s even more comparable to 4k DVDs that showcase an aquarium or a fireplace, better as a background or to show off a screen’s capabilities. This is the answer to a negative feedback to the video as it feels and too intricate. 

This is why a skate video I give this a 3/10. The editing is too much too often, the music choice is questionable, and the skaters tend to lose their reliability. 

My two cents for the next one would be to take a swing to the other trick, to pull back on the effects and pick some more stylish skaters. Music rights are expensive and complicated. 


Review by Julio Reyes
SC: Reyjul
IG: Gnartothewall  


  1. Hey,

    thanks for the review but would it be possible to add a link to the video next time?
    I’d like to check the video out too.

    Keep up the good work with your posts.


    • Thank you a lot for your comment and your critique. I need to apologize that it took me so long to respond, but I didn’t get to it earlier, life’s hectic at the moment.
      I’ve let Julio (the writer of this review) know, everything you wrote and he’ll make sure to include any links to purchase or watch the reviewed videos in the upcoming posts.​



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