Do you remember those times as a kid, when you thought about, what you aspire to be once you’re grown up? Failure wasn’t on my mind back then. Was it on yours?

Why don’t we think like that anymore? If you desire to do something, what’s holding you back? Think about your idols, celebrities, and heroes. Failure is the last point that would appear in your mind. Nobody remembers it, once they reach an individual mark.

If you asked a skater to flip his board while riding and landing back on it, without using his hands, back in the 1970’s, he would’ve called you crazy. He would’ve said that it’s impracticable, almost unimaginable. Now, it’s the most common maneuver done on a skateboard.

If you asked the general public, what they’d think of the idea, of making a living off of playing video games while recording yourself doing that, ten years ago, they would’ve called you absurd. Now, it’s the most popular genre on a billion-dollar platform.

I want to ask you, what are you waiting for? Whatever your intent may be, don’t listen to the people that judge you mad. Instead, appreciate the care of those, who don’t. Once you’ve reached your purpose, failure doesn’t appear critical anymore. We all come across failure in our paths, but only the ones who learn to power through that, are able to reach ends and shift limits.


Initially written 31st of March, 2016
Reworked and published 03/2018 by Brian L. Scheuermann

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