Quasi presents Mother


With social media allowing us to watch videos at an overwhelming and exhausting rate, we consume and forget. That’s why full videos are seen as questionable expenses. With that negativity out of the way, I would like to discuss the Mother video. Quasi is a newer brand founded by Gilbert Crockett, Jake Johnson, and Tyler Bledsoe. Originally called Mother’s face being set back when she was faced with legal issues from a  jean company , Probably why the video is called Mother, after having seen it I amazed and can not wait to get another view when the video is released. While it mixes in 80s and 90s it’s probably off some more. The killer than filler. While I’m upset that Al Davis and Jake Johnson shared a part, the footage was excellent and you can not blame them after that. Gilbert closes the video and it may be  his last part  for the brand. Nonetheless, the video is excellent and once again it’s a must watch, which is why I give it a 8/10. 


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