Go Skateboarding Day 2020

For this year’s Go Skateboarding Day, we went to a spot of which one of the people in our group chat recently posted a Google Earth screenshot. He then proceeded to visit this place on his moped and continued to make a video of the spot and sent that to the chat as well. Today, we threw some obstacles in a minivan and went there.

Ironically the spot was next to a restricted area where the US Army used to store their atom bombs during the Cold War. What a great way to start the go skateboarding day, the weather is excellent, everybody feels good, got a rough spot, and DIY obstacles! What more can you desire?


For me, it was the first time on a skateboard in a relatively long time. That’s a story for another time, but to make it short, I still am injured. However, by now, this is one of those “skateable” injuries. Every skater reading this will know what I mean by that. My goal for this day was to get the board feeling and maybe some tricks back. At one point, I was doing a street plant (as I did a lot back then), and my core and chest quickly let me know that this street plant was the only one for today. Well, at least I landed it, right?

The other guys were shredding and were cool with me filming them. So that’s what I did. One man named Juan was killing it! The tricks that he alone pulled off were worth bringing the camera with me. Another person I filmed a bit was Jörg. He is an exceptional human being. I’ve known him for a few years now. He owns our local skate shop, which he runs in his garage, and what he does (and already did) to our local skate scene is beyond what one human being should be able to make.

This is to this (weird) years Go Skateboarding Day and many more to come!


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