Skateboard Amino

Imagine a social media platform for only skateboarding. Now think about a platform specifically for every individual interest that you may have. Amino is all about creating a platform for your niche interest. You make one account and can join the communities in which you’re interested.

I’ve first heard of Skateboard Amino about five years ago when a skateboarder on YouTube promoted it in one of his videos. Promptly after, I have created an account. The app was way different than it is now, and I think I am one of the oldest profiles on Skateboard Amino, which is still active. Since this application is so accessible, a lot of beginners join this platform regularly. You see posts every day of people just learning how to Ollie and asking for advice. I enjoy being someone that helps people who are trying to get into skateboarding. However, beginners aren’t the only type of people you see there. You’ll see experienced skaters and, in general, skaters from all stages of life and from all around the globe.


I have had a chat with someone that goes by the name ‘Ste3lo.’ He is a part of the moderator team and was giving me an exciting look behind the scenes.

He assists in monitoring the community and featuring various posts—you’ll see featured postings on the main page once you’ve opened the app. Depending on the quality of the upload, he will usually give it a 2-3 day long feature. Ste3lo also explained that he had been a member of the Skateboard Amino three years before joining the team. He continued to become a curator and recently became a leader (which is the second-highest position you can get as an appointed member). I’ve asked what ‘Amino’ meant to him, and this is what he had to say: “Amino, to me, means community. Something unique yet familiar and relatable. Skateboard Amino is one of the best communities within Amino.”

If you’re reading this and have never heard about the platform I just wrote about, I highly recommend to download it and join us! Everybody is welcoming and very beginner-friendly. Don’t be afraid to ask (beginner-)questions because you will get smart answers. SkatePunk (the website you’re on) probably wouldn’t be what it is without Amino. I’ve had my first interactions with most of the current (and former) team-members through this app, and it excites me to think about who else I might get to know.


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