Our New Local Skatepark

I went to my first session at our new local skatepark yesterday. That’s only half the truth because there was a skatepark before, and it is now still under construction.


I was exhausted because I had little sleep and an early work shift that day. However, I managed to somehow compensate for a little bit of that by drinking some coffee. As I arrived at the spot, I realized that I forgot my helmet at home. I didn’t want that to hold me back from skating, so I mainly did some of my favorite low-risk tricks. However, the other people there were skating, and I managed to get a little bit of everything on film.

Recently I have been binge-watching videos about instant film photography and got myself a Polaroid-Camera. Jörg was cool enough to pose for a photo, and the result I got was excellent.

I wanted to capture something that would sum up the session entirely from the warm weather, over to the chaos that still is around since the ramps are still under construction. I love how the shadows appear in this photo. To the left, you see the ramp that is still under construction while on the right, Jörg is eager to skate and about to drop in.


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