Sunny Monday

Shortly after I woke up getting the right amount of sleep, I congratulated my mother on her 58th birthday. Not long after I finished the morning routine that I have on my days off, I got a message in our group chat. Tino let us know that they’re getting ready for a session at the skatepark that is still under construction. I spontaneously agreed.


The Session

This time I made sure not to forget my helmet again. To the music of the first Suicidal Tendencies album, I drove off to the spot. After warming up, I decided to take on this rail that has a slight slope. Unsure whether I should slide up or down the rail, I chose the latter for the first try. I didn’t do a boardslide in a very long time, which ended in me falling on my butt. For the next attempts, I slid upward, which not just felt better, but, after a few tries, worked. I continued to goof around my board, doing smaller tricks.

I started to teach someone else how to do a Shove-It and then offered my board since he felt like going up a few deck sizes. I got to skate his skateboard in return, which is about an inch smaller than mine. I began to attempt 360-Flips. They looked promising but didn’t work that day. Rewatching the footage I recorded of my attempts helped me figure out what I did wrong, and I think I’m going to try them again next time.

Besides maneuvers I filmed in the first-person perspective with the GoPro on my head, I also got a couple of tricks on camera from another skater named Till.


As mentioned in the previous post, I got into instant film photography. This time I asked Tino to do a Manual across the box. That was my first time shooting a moving object, and the suspense of the picture developing to see whether it worked or not was quite exciting. The photograph turned out great!


PS: does anyone know how a T-Rex slept?


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