Getting Back Into Transition

Yesterday’s session started early for my standards. We went around 2am to our “new” local park, which is still under construction. Unsurprisingly we were the first ones at the spot. Our local skate scene is relatively small.

My girlfriend started to skate around and continued improving her newly learned Ollies with the help of mine. She understood them relatively quickly. After a while, she started skating off her own way on the spot, popping Ollies, and eventually taking her first slam on them.


I put my GoPro on my helmet and started recording. I took on the small ledge for the warmup and did some 50-50’s, Kickflips, and Noseslides. Feeling warmed up, I took on some transition skating. This territory was always intimidating because I grew up skating in the streets only for the first years. However, it’s a field that I really want to improve on; there’s just something about going from horizontal to vertical that feels so exciting. My goal for the first run on the ramp was to get solid Rock to Fakies and a little 5-0 Grind.


Another aim for the session was to take on the rail that goes in an upward slope. I managed to get into the slide quickly and ultimately landed a couple. I want to improve on that and hopefully take on the entire rail in the future.

I was also considering doing a Boneless down the drop of which the quarter pipe is attached to. I didn’t do it this day, but it’s gonna happen. Speaking of Boneless and quarter pipe, I’ve also tried to relearn a Boneless trick on the said ramp. I kind of succeeded. It didn’t look as good as it used to, but I’m getting there.

While I was relearning my trick, another skater who had just arrived asked me to help him out on his ollies. I really like to do this since (compared to the local skate scene), I am relatively intermediate. I love to see people progress and take the tricks that I helped them learn in their own hands and create something by themselves.

This session was also the first one where I wore my newly purchased safety gear. I feel like many skaters don’t put a heavy emphasis on safety gear. When you question why, the answers you get are nearly on the same level as the answers you get when you ask a smoker why they smoke. It just doesn’t make much sense on a rational level most of the time.

By the end of the session, I’ve also sold another SkatePunk shirt. The new graphic that an artist did for me is something I personally identify with, and I am glad to see that I’m not alone. If you also want a shirt with this cool design, make sure to check out our shop. We truly appreciate it, and it supports us enormously.


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