Why The Setup?

Skateboarding is a free and now far much more accepting activity. There’s currently no need to have to comply with a specific setup, most of the time. You can get 8 to 10-inch configurations more freely. While it is harder for people to have a sub 8″ setup and wheels smaller than 50mm are even more limited, they’re making their way through for those craving them. 

But what is the purpose of this setup? As we all know, the pandemic has affected our board supplies and components. It’s harder to get replacements in the US, and disposable income has pushed me to pick up an extra board or parts. That and the willingness to try a more “tech” setup and board that would last longer. Hence the Santa Cruz Powerply. 



The Powerply is an 8.8″ board with a 14″ Wheelbase and features the PowerPly inserts. These make the nose and tail more durable and chip-resistant. But they make the board feel stiffer. The board is more comfortable to flip with the smaller WB and the taper the board has, which is very extreme and noticeable. 



Ventures have some of the most kingpin clearance, which is crucial in increasing the board’s durability. This is my second set of Ventures, and my first issue with them was their turning and how fast I went through my pivot cups. I replaced the stock cups with RipTides, and they have given the trucks a faster response time, so I decided to keep the bushings stock but kept the baseplates from my last pair to keep the hollow kingpin. The thinner cast baseplate will help as well. This is also a jump from my 5.8s to 6.1s or 8.5″ to 8.75″ truck. Usually, wider trucks have a slower response that begins to feel off when you get to 10″ trucks. 


Tried and true, Spitfire Formula 4s. These are the tablet shape which is new to me, and the color wasn’t my choice, but I ran with what I could get my hands on. They lock-in quite nicely but feel a little off for slappies. This may be due to me not getting used to, but I see why people like these squared out wheels. 


Bronson has a weird taste. I have skated their G2 and G3 previously. These Raws are my friend’s favorites and on the Swiss value tier (At least in the US). They have no shields, which takes away a lot of confidence for me. Having skated and been disappointed in G3s, I’m not sure about the brand other than a meh with decent experience with G2 (the Bones Red equivalent). 

Closing Thoughts

This board hasn’t seen much action, as my main setup has been taking the main beating and wanting to use things the most. But, I will make a follow up for this setup and see how the components will hold up. So far, the trucks and board feel promising. The Bronsons are fast, but their real issue is how well they will hold up. 

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