But First, Let Me Roll My Ankle

This morning we went to the skatepark. It was quite early, but we wanted to make sure to be the only two people in the park. We went to the same spot as the last time.

While warming up, I rolled my ankle really badly (and as of writing this, my ankle has swollen to the size of a tennis ball). Nonetheless, I didn’t want this to hold me back from skating, so I continued. It did hurt.


Once I could walk again, I did some simple tricks on the hip. As soon as I felt warmed up, I took on today’s goal and gave the curved ledge on top of the hip a few tries. It was quite scary, but after popping two Ollies onto it, I gained some confidence. It didn’t take too long until I got it. I approached it relatively slowly, but I didn’t want to risk damaging my foot even more.


In summary, this was a fun session that simply started out the wrong way, and unfortunately, I’ll have to deal with hurting ligaments for a bit. However, my girlfriend gained a lot of confidence in rolling up and down ramps, and we had a hilarious session. The vibes really come through in the video.


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