My Skateboard Setup

When it comes to skateboard setups, I typically encounter two types of people. Type one is the skater that needs concrete equipment to feel like performing. Type two is the skateboarder that really doesn’t care too much about their equipment as long as it does the job, and the quality is somewhat decent. I am definitely the latter. As long as the board is wide enough, I am open to pretty much anything.



My deck is a Jalopi Jeff Grosso Pro Model. It’s nine-inch wide and has a standard popsicle shape. I am not that big of a fan of the popsicle shape, but it was a Jeff Grosso Pro Model that the skate shop owner laid aside because he knew that I wanted it. The only thing I don’t like about the deck is the graphic. I don’t dislike it either; it just doesn’t get me stoked. I also prefer my deck’s screen printed, and this one is not.


Indy’s! I have a pair of Thunder at home, but right now, I prefer the feel of the Indy’s. I’ve been riding these Independent Trucks for a while, and the Thunder are fresh out of the box. I don’t feel like breaking in new trucks at the moment.


Skateboarding bearings can last a long time if you are willing to take care of them. I ride a mix of Bones Reds and Spitfire Classics. Sometimes a part breaks, but the last time I bought bearings was two years ago, and I still have a couple of spare ones. I swap them out regularly, clean, and lubricate them, and then they’re okay again.


A bit softer and broader. That’s how I like my wheels. I am riding Mini-Logo wheels that are so old by now that I can’t tell you what shape they are. I guess they’re the bowl shape.

Safety Gear

I do wear the Footprint insoles. I’ve been skating with FP-Insoles for five years now and don’t ever want to miss them again. In street terrain and parking lots, I wear the Footprint knee pads. As soon as I’m at a park, I’ll have my set from TSG ready. I have two helmets (one for skating on my own and one with a camera mount), and both are from TSG.


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