Sleep ‘n’ Skate

I can’t think of anything better than getting a fair amount of sleep on your day off and follow that up with a fun session. I have worked almost the entire previous week, and yesterday (Monday), I didn’t set up an alarm and just let my body wake up when it felt like it. So I happened to sleep until 2pm. At 4.30pm I went to our local skatepark, which is still under construction. I couldn’t spend much time skating because I had to leave at 6pm because of a podcast recording (hint).


My goal for this session was to get some tricks back that I liked to do. I warmed up with transition tricks and 50-50s on a little ledge. Additionally, I felt the urge to push my mental boundaries a little. Feeling warmed up, I started to take on the first trick I wanted to get today, the 50-50 Nollie Shove-It out. I got the hang of it very quickly since I did this trick a lot back then. This trick feels so good. There’s something about jumping off of your board while grinding and letting it do its thing, and landing back on it.


The next maneuver I wanted to do was the Slappy Noseslide Nollie Shove-It out. I wish I could’ve gone a bit faster and slide longer, but the run-up doesn’t allow for more. The biggest struggle I’ve had with landing this trick was the ground. It really shows in the video. The thing I like the most about this trick is the same as with the previous one. Leaving your board and landing back on it.

My third and final trick I wanted to do again was the 50-50 180 out. I was never a fan of this trick, but once the park is finished, and I can get a decent amount of speed, I feel like this trick will be great for some solid lines, and I can follow up this maneuver with something Fakie.


Like I said earlier, I wanted to challenge my mentality today. What better way to do this than with my favorite trick, the Boneless? I looked around for obstacles to jump off and figured that doing it over the little quarter pipe on the funbox is what I wanted. For some reason, drops aren’t a big problem for me to Boneless but also having to clear a distance can be challenging. I bailed out of the first few attempts to get a feel for the length and drop impact. My Footprint Insoles worked great, absorbing said impact. It was scary to try and commit for the first time, but I could commit to the landing again and again once I did it. Eventually, I rolled off with a clean one. I wish I would’ve given it a little more of a ninja kick. Well, this obstacle won’t run away, so I can always try it again.

Even though this session was relatively short, I still got many tricks in and felt great leaving the spot. As some of you may know, I am a massive fan of Polaroid photography. Before I left, the sun was at a perfect place to shoot a great picture of Jörg standing on one of the ramps. This is one of the best photos I took in a while.


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