Must Watch: FD Skate

A Skateboarding-YouTube-Channel where a father and his daughter are documenting their skateboarding progress. Does this sound interesting to you? It should because it really is. Once I’ve discovered them, I was immediately hooked. The editing, the narration, the skating, and the activity in the comment section are addicting.

They have been documenting their skateboarding for years now. Magnus (the dad) has skated briefly in the 80s but has stopped until his daughter Leyah wanted to skate. They both started again together a few years ago. Leah has been progressing fast, and Magnus has to practice as much as he can to keep up with his daughter.


It’s a lot of fun to see them battling out the same tricks since their skating in on the same level as of now. Currently, they are fighting their way through Skatember. A challenge that focusses on one trick each day of September. For FD Skate this means, skating, filming, editing, and publishing every day! Not just does that show that there is someone indeed in love with skateboarding, but how passionate about it they are.

As of now, they are at 974 subscribers on YouTube. There will be an interview on our website published as a podcast. You can sign up with your e-mail address to get notified once it releases.


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