IG Accounts I Follow

Instagram is a jungle. By now you are well aware that people repost memes and post things from Twitter, Facebook and finally Tik Tok. I am not a fan and tired of the same reposted cringey videos. So I’ll use this format to put you all on the Instagram accounts that I follow. Yes, I know that skateboarding is a free range and you’re free to choose but, as an “older” skater I’ll try to push you into the right direction. 

First off: Dr. Kyle Brown


Why: Your HEALTH MATTERS! Kyle Brown is a physical therapist. He promotes exercises and stretches to help you prevent injuries or recover from them. Of course he’s not directly treating you and you should pay attention to your body and it’s limitations. But stretching and preventative working out helps you perform better and properly care for yourself. 


Second: Same Spot Same Angle


Why: To start off, when you start filming your friends you’ll need some directing on how to film correctly. That being said, you’ll see the value of certain angles and why variation matters. Apart from this you can see people’s style and their approach at skate spots. They also tag the skater and skate video. This can direct you to better videos than TikTok and something that will test your attention span and show you skate history. 


Third: Grooved Trucks


Why: Skateboarding is destructive. You’ll wear out spots and ledges and curbs will chunk. One of these destructive things is the Rite of Passage of hitting axles. The axle is the metal bar that runs through your truck’s hangar and where you put your wheels. Usually this is a sign that it’s time for a new pair but, at this point you’ve made grooves that help you lock in and give a better grinding experience. The axle may give you a faster slide but, you’ll get this weird smell from grinding. 


Fourth: Griptape Art


Why: Skateboarding is art…yadda yadda. This saying does get used a lot. By now you are aware that skateboarding is a cool way to express yourself. It’s physically and occasionally emotionally demanding. But, why not go the extra step… or watch the artwork people got to when they went a few thousand steps beyond. Your setup is yours and I’m a fan of throwing some flare at my griptape.


Fifth: QuarterSnacks


Why?: Do you kids remember magazines? Well they were like blogs. But, Quarter Snacks is a New York based site with a solid internet presence. They have this weekly highlight video where they bring together clips from different videos of the week, in a similar way to how Sports Center did. They also release people’s videos and make their own content and are present across social media and YouTube. They’re a great place to start if you are getting into skating and aren’t sure what video to watch. 


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