The Punk Rock We Need

Loud, fast, wild. Three words to describe Punk Rock. Three words to describe skateboarding. For decades the punk and skating culture have been going hand in hand. When the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games hit the market and included Punk Rock music all through their games, the mainstream (media) started to associate the two immediately. A new Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater came out recently, and it satisfied our cravings for nostalgia in HD. If you liked the audio playlist, I might have something to show you that you’ll highly appreciate. A Skate Punk band from St. Louis, Missouri, called NoPoint.


Their EP “Shove It, “released in 2019, makes a banger soundtrack for your skate session. The cover shows a shredding crocodile, the second song called “Push “is all about skateboarding; the song’s paste makes you feel motivated to try and go harder on every trick.

I’m glad I discovered their music since it’s quite hard to find bands like these. I’ve created this website to contribute to the skatepunk culture and give something back since it helped me find my place in this world. Discovering bands like these that I feel like I can identify with makes me happy.

There will be a SkatePunk podcast episode with the entire band as guests. Subscribe to our e-mail newsletter for free so that you won’t miss it.


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