My Local Skate Shop

A skate shop is the focal point of the local skateboarding scene. It provides everyone the right equipment to take it to the streets, introduce new people to the culture, and offer a place somebody can turn to if they need something.


Jörg created our local skate shop in 2017, and to us, it’s more than just a place to buy skateboarding stuff located in his garage. Jörg has the mentality needed to establish the sport here. Always willing to introduce new people to it and getting the ball rolling on more significant projects like a mini ramp or a skatepark.

The shop is called “Sk8bar,” and besides being all of the previously mentioned things, it’s also the place for the locals to barbecue, drink, and party at summer weekends.


Today I went there to buy a bag he was advertising on social media, and I ended up not just purchasing the bag but also a brand new setup. I was thinking about it before, getting another skateboard that wouldn’t feel so big and heavy. Even though I am used to my 9″ skateboard, I remembered a moment that happened a few years ago where I took out my old 7.75″ deck to do some kickflips, and they happened with ease and popped high.

I wanted a similar feeling on a board that doesn’t immediately feel like a toothpick, so I bought an 8.25″ Santa Cruz deck alongside Krux trucks, Ricta wheels, and all additional pieces to define a skateboard.


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