Trying out the MOB Grip Gum

Many skaters hate it when their grip tape gets dirty—mud stains from rough street spots or dust from the skatepark. Looking at a dirty skateboard can feel quite unsettling. It’s not just an aesthetic thing since your skateboard’s abrasive surface area serves multiple purposes. One is obviously so you don’t slide off the slippery wood ply and do any tricks on your board. If dirt, mud, and junk gets caught in there, it reduces the effect of gripping on to your shoes. That’s why Mob came up with a sponge looking thing that will work as a dirt eraser for your grip tape.


First Impression

Opening up the plastic wrap, I noticed (I tend to sniff on random things, lol) that it kind of smells like a dog treat. On top of that, it looks entirely edible, so you might want to hide it from your pets. Instructions on how to properly use it were not included, but even I got the hang of it after a couple of tries and accidentally rubbing my thumb on the grip tape.


Using The Gum

I’ve tried it on two different boards. One was just dusty, and the black surface appeared rather grey, and the other had a few mud stains on the tail.

I’ve decided to only remove the dust on one half to see the difference side by side on the dusty one. I’ve laid in on the grip tape horizontally, applied medium pressure, and after roughly three to four swipes, it looked clean. I didn’t realize how much dust there really was on the board before cleaning.

I used it as kind of like an eraser for the mud spots and erased the stains. It worked surprisingly well and efficiently. There was quite a bit of a mess on my floor after I was done, as some of the rubber-like material comes off as you rub it against the grip tape.



The Mob Grip Gum is relatively cheap and will most likely last you for a while. I couldn’t feel a difference between the clean grip and the dusty one, but I assume that if your tape is dirtier, the removed mess will be more noticeable. This product is definitely for skaters who hate dusty grip tape and for those who are skating nasty street spots where it’s more likely that your board will end up dirty.

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