Getting To Know Deadass

We are Deadass, a skateboarding company from Ústí nad Labem (north of the Czech Republic); we make skate clothes and currently work on our skate deck edition. It’s more like an underground thing than an established company. It’s only my wife and me, but some people helped us build the skatepark.

How did that indoor park thing get started?

We were pissed off that we couldn’t skate when it was rainy, and there is no indoor skatepark closer than 80km. So we decided to build one and do something for the local skateboarding community.


What was that location before you turned it into a park?

It used to be a music club, but it was abandoned for a while after closing it. The location is a part of EXIL, a pub with an outdoor halfpipe and stuff.

Please give us some insight into planning and designing the obstacles.

We didn’t have any experience with building skate obstacles, so we have read many articles about it and just started to create. Most of the stuff was about mathematics. Our drawings were only for visualization. I think everyone can do it.

Did you need to adjust some of your original plans because some didn’t work out?

As I said, we are amateurs, so we learn new things every time we build something. The plans are often changing.


How long have you been working in the park until it got finished?

We haven’t finished the park yet. We have been working here for half a year. All obstacles will be complete in one year, I think.

What were some of the biggest challenges to overcome?

The whole thing is one big challenge for us. We jumped into it and giving it much time and money. Sometimes things go slowly, but it became a part of my family’s life and me, and we like it.


Any funny stories that happened during the process of building the place?

Here is always fun, with some pot is more fun. But it leads to more awkward things like when we decided to put a quarter pipe and bank right into the recess on a wall, but when we moved it to the place, we found out that it won’t fit. Then we had to cut a corner into an already built obstacle. That was crappy. Or when one buddy skated right on top of a thin wooden deck, which we put against the wall, and he thought he could ride on it, and then the wood broke in half, and he fell. It was hilarious.


If you are interested in their brand and from the Czech Republic, take a look at their website!

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