The Value of Physical Copies

In a world where digital media becomes more prominent by the day, we physical human beings often feel less connected to the things we see on the screens. SkatePunk writer Julio and I (Brian) are great supporters of all things physical.

We sat down and talked about some of our thoughts on physical media. Our personal experience and what we like/dislike.


What was your first video?

Brian: My first hands-on experience with a physical copy of a skateboarding video must have been during the early 2010s. Up until then, I managed to get my teenage pirate claws on skateboarding videos I could find on the web. The first physical disc I managed to get first was the King of the Road 2012, which came with an issue of the Thrasher Magazine.

Julio: The first physical video I bought was the Pretty Sweet Deluxe copy. I snuck out of my house, ran to my local shop, and purchased it. I had heard of the video, and the hype sold me. I don’t remember having seen the trailers either, lol.

What was the last digital video you bought?

Brian: The Bones Brigade: An Autobiography. I bought it in 2020 (late to the party, I know), and despite the slight controversies surrounding this video, I still think it has an entertainment value. The last digital video I purchased before that was We Are Blood in 2016. That should give you an idea of how rarely I buy digital media.

Julio: The Creature video. I bought it to do a review for SkatePunk. Since then, I’ve magically found videos. But I at least support the brands by buying special editions and tees or boards.


Favorite part about a physical copy?

Brian: Holding the case, looking at the cover, and at the disc. The satisfying click of the disc when you pop it out of its case, feeling the excitement build up before you even insert the DVD. You make the conscious decision to watch that video as you pull it out of your shelf. It’s much more of an overall fulfilling experience than just clicking on a thumbnail online.

Julio: The extras. You can watch the video on Thrasher or online, and then someone rips it but, there’s something else about having the pictures and booklets in hand as well. The extra videos are cool too.

Least favorite parts about physical copies?

Brian: Once a DVD starts skipping, there’s no turning back. At least you can prevent the loss of your video by doing a backup on your computer and then burning it onto another DVD.

Julio: As I said, my first video was Pretty Sweet. The case would eventually start breaking the disc, and I stopped using it. Also, I lent the video to a friend, and they stole the Blu Ray disc, so I was fucked.


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