The Würzburg Skategirls

Back in 2015, I was on an app called Skateboard Amino. Through that app, I met Thaïs. She is a skateboarder from Würzburg, Germany, and last year, I saw her repost a video about Würzburg’s skate girls. The video was quite fascinating, so I went ahead and asked her about it.


I’m Thai, 22 years old, and living in Würzburg, Germany. I’ve been skateboarding for almost eight years now.

What exactly is the ‘Würzburg Skategirls’ in your words?

I’d say our Instagram bio is a pretty good description: “just some skategirls enjoying life.”
Most of the time, we’re shredding at our local skate park in Würzburg or taking trips to other cities. We just love skateboarding together and motivating each other.

How did you get started together?

At first, it was Caro and I who became friends because we were the only female skateboarders at the skate park. After a while, more girls got into skateboarding or moved to Würzburg, so we started hanging out together.
I think it was Nadine who invented the group name ‘Würzburg Skategirls.’ Now we have our own Instagram account and our first group edit on YouTube, haha.


You released a video last year. What sparked the idea of making it?
How was the making of the video, and how long did it take?

I pass on the questions to Nadine and Felix, who managed everything about the video.

Felix: Nadine and I were constantly filming skateboarding edits, and over the years, the connection between the female skaters in Würzburg grew so strong that it was an obvious thing to do to film this edit.

Nadine: I dreamed of making an edit all about the girls, just showing our tricks and how much fun we have skateboarding. And through this edit, our connection started to become stronger. The idea was to capture the bond between the girls and the love of skateboarding, and the fun we have during a nice session.

Felix: Nadine and I sat down and worked on a concept. We wanted to emphasize the different styles each skater has, so we filmed a part at the park each skater was connected to the most. When we started, we had a lot more skaters, but some moved away (from the city or skateboarding), Thais injured herself, and in some cases, we just couldn’t find the time to film everyone—all in all, it took us about two years to shoot and then another year till release.

Nadine: I need to be very honest. At the beginning of making this edit, I was really hyped, nearly obsessed with this idea. But during the shoot and the editing, I started to recognize that it was a hard job to do. You need to put into such a project so much effort and time. Trying to organize everything, keeping everyone to a time schedule, even planning cutting sessions made it really hard. You also have a job and a personal life, and you don’t want to reduce any of that. In the end, Felix and I were somehow glad to finish this big project, which we are very proud of. Retrospective, I can say, it was worth all the effort, and I’m glad that we did it.


Since you were injured throughout the video’s production, what would you have liked to film on your part?

The idea behind the video was to film different parts at different skate locations and the last part together at the local skate park. I had planned to film a few lines in Stuttgart and Würzburg, but unfortunately, I tore my ACL.

What’s next for you? Do you have anything planned, maybe another video?

Because of the current situation with Covid-19, we take it slow. At the moment, there is nothing particular in mind, but we’re definitely planning on filming another video. Maybe a Berlin edit? We will see.


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