Review: Adidas Copa Nationale

Adidas is a bigger corporation that came into skateboarding and had the background, budget, and ability to bring inspiration across different sports. As a fan of the Nike Lunar Gato’s look and how the Adidas Busenitz skates, I had to scoop these.


FIT and comfort

When I got there, I went with TTS. As a person with a wider foot, I felt like the sides were a little tight. The toe box felt a little long at first but not enough to annoy me. I recommend trying these first because I have weird feet.

The shoe is breathable, from the ollie area, and on there’s mesh and rubber material to protect the mesh, so it doesn’t give out (as fast). If you have read other reviews, my arch will bug me on some shoes, but I surprisingly didn’t have any complaints on these. They raise the heel, and while there isn’t much padding, they were comfortable enough. The tongue had two centering holes, and it didn’t move. As a fan of the gusseted tongue, I had no complaints about that. The heel counter did an excellent job making my foot feel locked in, and it hyped me up.



These shoes are cupsoles but a thinner kind of cup sole, so there was some boardfeel. It, of course, did get better as the shoe went on, and I can’t complain. I appreciated it.
The toe box is on the pointier side, and I enjoy pointier shoes a little more. They had a great flick, and they were just easy on this shoe. Hellflips didn’t give me much of an issue, even if there was mesh and rubber.


The most significant weak points in this shoe are the toe and heel area. The toe area features a toe cap that sits pretty low. While it provides a great flick, it also will blow out and wreck the show. The heel, as previously mentioned, is encased in rubber. It held up, and eventually, the shoe opened up, and the foam became exposed. Other than this, the sole has two different treats. The back or mid to heel area has these nubs that face in opposing directions. I don’t typically get much wear in this area, so I didn’t notice. The forefoot has a triangle and a circular pattern. I thought that they held up well. They were larger and deeper, this surprised me, but they held up surprisingly. I was excited to see that I didn’t have flat spots yet.



As a heel flipper, the show won’t last unless you want to shoe goo that area. Apart from this, the shoe is excellent. I recommend it with the warning on the toe cap. It’s a fantastic feeling shoe. If it does feel tight, give the suede some time to expand. Adidas did a great job but had room for growth.


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