Review: Converse Cons Mid Player Pro

Before we went on our extended break, I had reached out to Brian about possibly reviewing old skate shoes for the sake of skating shoes I wish I had bought previously. After skating them, I realized that it’d been seven years since my last Converse review, which all fit well.



The shoe is a Converse shoe. While much more padded, it runs the usual chuck sole, I went half a size up, and it turned out to be the right move. The shoe features a medium padded collar and the famous Nike Lunarlon sole, which felt great and paired well with the memory foam padding.



These shoes gripped well, and the sole was very grippy. The shoe had this bright red suede and would rub off on the grip and look pretty cool. While I didn’t surprisingly go through laces, this is the same body as a regular chuck, so expect the issues to cross over.
I did bald the sole before I knew it and was bummed. That’s usually my indicator to swap shoes as a responsible reviewer, but with these, the upper looked so good it’s been hard not to throw them on so often.



The lunar was very reversed in its time, and once it starts to take the shape of your foot, it supports it better. There are tongue-centering straps that hold the memory foam padded tongue and feel excellent! The collar is padded, and if you have issues with the rubber toe cap, my pair came with the suede toe (like the occasional CTS).



These are fun, and unlike the usual chuck, the suede toe cap keeps its grip and flick. You’ll lose the sole before any real damage to the upper. The sidewalls are lovely, and you’ll groove them, but depending on how you flick, the suede will make up for the worn-out shape. Unfortunately, these will be hard to come by, but if you do, they’re an exciting pair to try… and to keep the insole of.


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