About Us

SkatePunk the website that you never knew you wanted to exist!
We don’t focus on what’s happening with the big dogs; we are here to show you the ones where one else seems to bats an eye.

I always hated it that on the big sites and magazines you always see the same faces and only once in a while you hear about someone new up and coming.
Not that I say that the prominent people don’t deserve to be where they are, but it is just bothering me that everyone seems to only care about skaters on Thrasher, Ride Channel and co. and not give a flying fuck about that one Russian guy from Italy who has 720 quadruple flips on lock. (If this guy exists, I need contact details)
This is why we are here. WE show you the people you’ve never heard of. WE care about the people that are NOT printed in the biggest magazines. That don’t have their footage on retail DVDs. On top of that, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense if we did that.

There are so many websites, magazines, and social media sites that focus on that. So if Tony Hawk, for example, released a groundbreaking street part, you would know about it. So why would we have to tell you?

Do you think this is too far off? Well, for his part in “The Feasters” he did some pretty rad STREET Tricks like a Slappy Bluntslide 360 Shove it out for example!

Aside from talking about people you’ve never heard of, we also like to take a look at things you might not even think about or show general skateboarding topics from another perspective.

If you also want to contribute to our website, simply notify us on our social media pages across the web. (@skatepunkeu)