Review: Andale Blues Bearings


The quality and condition of your bearings can make a big difference in your skating, whether you realize it or not. For the longest time, I was skating with old bearings when I picked up my old board and started skating again. Moreover, I had become accustomed to them; my body was working against the resistance to power-through and compensate for the excess friction exerted on my old, damaged bearings.
Manuals were almost impossible; leaning onto my back wheels would cause too much resistance and send me forward, leading me into a bout of rage.
“Why can’t I balance?” I wondered.
I received new bearings as a gift for Christmas and excitedly went to try them out. So much smoother! I had no idea the struggles I was pushing through until I experienced the buttery-smooth new bearings. The bearings that I received were none other than Bones Reds, a successful brand with skateboarders worldwide. But what about all the new labels that are recently coming to light? One of these names is is Andale Bearings. Continue reading