Tales of a Deck – Part 3


I was 18 years old, just sold my beloved moped and I didn’t know what to do in life. Unemployed, never graduated and just started a YouTube-Channel.

A post by “Suicidal Tendencies” popped up on Facebook. They would come to a skate shop in Berlin, for a meet and greet. Though I live in Germany, Berlin is pretty much at the other end of the country. Comparing hotel and possible travel prices, I figured, that the money I’ve made from selling my moped, was enough, as my demands for a hotel aren’t extraordinary. I even had some money leftover. From the latter, I chose to buy something that I was considering for a while. A modern-day old school shaped deck. The “Welcome Banshee 90”-Deck was about to be mine. Continue reading

Tales of a Deck – Part 2


Today, I decided to tell you about the story, from the deck, that was ordered right after my previous skateboard from part one, snapped. Since boards from American companies were a bit more expensive than their European counterparts over here in Germany, I chose to purchase the “SK8DLX Nerd Is Over” deck. Continue reading

Tales of a Deck – Part 1


Every skateboard recounts a story, may it be used, snapped or even sealed and hanging on someone’s wall. This post is the first one (of three in total) in which I select one of my used decks and tell their story.
First, I will exhibit a board, that opened many gates in the skateboarding atmosphere for me. I learned a lot on it, not just tricks, but a valuable life lesson. The „Tom Penny Extremely Sorry Flip Pro Model“ (that’s a mouthful) was my first ever pro model deck and my first board from an American company. As someone who is from Europe, I only shredded European brands before, due to the cheaper cost. Continue reading