Strictly Skateboarding


I kind of like the idea of just skateboarding, very little talking or other stuff. Now that all that pops up in my subscription feed is vlogs that consist of talking about 95% of the videos, I thought that this sort of edit could be refreshing for you all to watch. Just some skateboarding tricks I like to do with some chill music in the background. Oh yeah, I also threw a backflip in there. I guess that this is Strictly 99% skateboarding then.

Tales of a Deck – Part 1


Every skateboard recounts a story, may it be used, snapped or even sealed and hanging on someone’s wall. This post is the first one (of three in total) in which I select one of my used decks and tell their story.
First, I will exhibit a board, that opened many gates in the skateboarding atmosphere for me. I learned a lot on it, not just tricks, but a valuable life lesson. The „Tom Penny Extremely Sorry Flip Pro Model“ (that’s a mouthful) was my first ever pro model deck and my first board from an American company. As someone who is from Europe, I only shredded European brands before, due to the cheaper cost. Continue reading

Songs to Heat up the Session


When skating, some songs might be suited for the type of session you currently jam, or the way you view skateboarding. There are the right artists and genres for everyone, every time and every taste. As music is quite emotional and can affect our behavior, I believe that we should have a selection of songs for all kinds of sessions. Maybe you plan on learning a new trick and just can’t get it, or you’re merely skating in a parking lot with friends, doing slappy grinds and low effort tricks. Followingly, I have listed three different types of songs. They may not be for everyone, but I recommend giving it a try, next time you’re out there shredding. Continue reading



I step out of the bus, glimpse left and right, then I hop on my board. The sound of urethane on asphalt is heard, as a slight touch of wind sails across my face. I turn to the right and then it’s going imperceptibly down. A road that has the perfect balance of a smooth ground and somewhat downhill, I don’t accumulate too much speed, neither do I have to push, the ideal mix. The end of the street is in eyesight, an ollie onto the uneven sidewalk is necessary to slow down. Now I have to walk a short distance, and I will reach my destination. Continue reading

Why We Skate (and Can’t Stop)


When skating, all you can think about is your next trick, and everything you say seems to come out slightly humourful instead of earnest. Once you feel bad, or go through a severe stage in your life, a lot of us feel like going out and start skating. Free our mind, get an adrenaline rush, or just enjoy the beautiful time our skateboard provides. Continue reading

Ten Years Ago


Today as of writing this, marks not just my 21st anniversary of being alive, but I also received my first skateboard on this very date, ten years ago. Several weeks before I could call myself a “skateboard-owner,” I watched a show on Nickelodeon, where kids were skating and having a fun time. My birthday got closer, and my mother asked me what I’d want as a present. My mind went to the previously mentioned boys who were skateboarding on TV. “I want a skateboard!”, Was what I instantly answered. I still remember my mother giving me a confused look on her face while asking, “Why a skateboard all of a sudden?” Continue reading

Who to Follow? Sierra.


Less than two years have passed since I first heard about Sierra Prescott. Back then, it was Mike Vallely whose Instagram account lead me to Sierra. A signature board design in collaboration with Street Plant was, what these posts were about. As time has passed, many pictures were posted, and I continued to be a so-called “Follower.” Now, almost two years later, it’s safe to say for me that Sierra’s Instagram is my favorite account on the platform. Continue reading