Tales of a Deck – Part 3


I was 18 years old, just sold my beloved moped and I didn’t know what to do in life. Unemployed, never graduated and just started a YouTube-Channel.

A post by “Suicidal Tendencies” popped up on Facebook. They would come to a skate shop in Berlin, for a meet and greet. Though I live in Germany, Berlin is pretty much at the other end of the country. Comparing hotel and possible travel prices, I figured, that the money I’ve made from selling my moped, was enough, as my demands for a hotel aren’t extraordinary. I even had some money leftover. From the latter, I chose to buy something that I was considering for a while. A modern-day old school shaped deck. The “Welcome Banshee 90”-Deck was about to be mine. Continue reading

Songs to Heat up the Session


When skating, some songs might be suited for the type of session you currently jam, or the way you view skateboarding. There are the right artists and genres for everyone, every time and every taste. As music is quite emotional and can affect our behavior, I believe that we should have a selection of songs for all kinds of sessions. Maybe you plan on learning a new trick and just can’t get it, or you’re merely skating in a parking lot with friends, doing slappy grinds and low effort tricks. Followingly, I have listed three different types of songs. They may not be for everyone, but I recommend giving it a try, next time you’re out there shredding. Continue reading