I step out of the bus, glimpse left and right, then I hop on my board. The sound of urethane on asphalt is heard, as a slight touch of wind sails across my face. I turn to the right and then it’s going imperceptibly down. A road that has the perfect balance of a smooth ground and somewhat downhill, I don’t accumulate too much speed, neither do I have to push, the ideal mix. The end of the street is in eyesight, an ollie onto the uneven sidewalk is necessary to slow down. Now I have to walk a short distance, and I will reach my destination. Continue reading

Who to Follow? Sierra.


Less than two years have passed since I first heard about Sierra Prescott. Back then, it was Mike Vallely whose Instagram account lead me to Sierra. A signature board design in collaboration with Street Plant was, what these posts were about. As time has passed, many pictures were posted, and I continued to be a so-called “Follower.” Now, almost two years later, it’s safe to say for me that Sierra’s Instagram is my favorite account on the platform. Continue reading

Holding a GoPro Hero Session

Review: GoPro Hero Session


When this camera was announced, I was pretty hyped until I saw the original retail price which was at over 500€! Towards the end of 2015 the price drastically dropped, and as a tech fan, I immediately heard about it. The price fell down to only 199€! I didn’t have to think long to go out and buy the camera for this seemingly inexpensive price. Continue reading

Car Trnk

Skate-Trips with Brian



Over the years I have traveled quite a bit with my skateboard, and in this article, I will explicate everything I know, that helped me over the years to get arranged before the trip starts.
The post is split it into several sections considering there are quite some differences in traveling via train or car.

Continue reading