How To: Build A Rail Without Welding


On this Sunday, October 22nd, 2017, I woke up with one goal in mind.
-Build something-

The Saturday night prior, I stayed up late searching to find the correct pieces and their respective locations in the store to save myself some time and avoid forgetting some essential items. As the sun rose, I skipped my routine trip to the skatepark and instead opted to head down to my local hardware store around noon. Continue reading

How to Backside 360


Almost any skateboarding trick that has a “360” in its name counts as intermediate. Intimidating for beginners. Backside 360’s are one of those maneuvers that I would only attempt at a game of S.K.A.T.E. in defense. However, SkatePunk team rider Paul Taylor probably does one as soon as he wakes up, and continues to do them for the rest of the day. It has to be that way because I can’t explain how else he would be so good at it. Do you want to learn BS 360’s? Let them be taught by the master in the video below.

How to Ollie a Kicker​


For beginner skateboarders, ramps are a scary subject. These seemingly huge and incredible obstacles are, what beginners often avoid because they’re afraid of it. I used to be the same, the lack of a pleasant local skatepark made me a street only skateboarder. This resulted in me, even after 10 years of skateboarding, and having a proper board-control developed, still losing my mind over these ramps. The following guidance is for beginners, who have never skated a kicker or a jumpramp. Continue reading

Car Trnk

Skate-Trips with Brian



Over the years I have traveled quite a bit with my skateboard, and in this article, I will explicate everything I know, that helped me over the years to get arranged before the trip starts.
The post is split it into several sections considering there are quite some differences in traveling via train or car.

Continue reading