Tales of a Deck – Part 3


I was 18 years old, just sold my beloved moped and I didn’t know what to do in life. Unemployed, never graduated and just started a YouTube-Channel.

A post by “Suicidal Tendencies” popped up on Facebook. They would come to a skate shop in Berlin, for a meet and greet. Though I live in Germany, Berlin is pretty much at the other end of the country. Comparing hotel and possible travel prices, I figured, that the money I’ve made from selling my moped, was enough, as my demands for a hotel aren’t extraordinary. I even had some money leftover. From the latter, I chose to buy something that I was considering for a while. A modern-day old school shaped deck. The “Welcome Banshee 90”-Deck was about to be mine. Continue reading

Car Trnk

Skate-Trips with Brian



Over the years I have traveled quite a bit with my skateboard, and in this article, I will explicate everything I know, that helped me over the years to get arranged before the trip starts.
The post is split it into several sections considering there are quite some differences in traveling via train or car.

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